Virgin Land

The Alburni Mountains in Southern Italy

Rural countryside, pristine landscape

Isolated area: only 5 homes per ½ sq. mile

Untouched ruins of limestone rock all around

Silence broken only by the wind

Here, we can breathe

Ventiolivi - Terra vergine

A lifestyle built around olive oil

We are heirs to a unique generation.

People who worked hard and lived simple, unrushed lives off the land and away from cities. Many lived past 100.

Extra-virgin olive oil nourished their lives.

Today, it is our responsibility to treasure that oil and its natural properties. A natural juice of the olive with nothing added, just robust taste, savory aroma, and intense character.

Every harvest saves a work of art

Every year, Ventiolivi will support different community projects. Hidden, lost works of art that would otherwise deteriorate and go unseen are brought back to life. Ventiolivi is more than a business. It’s a network of people who connect with each other to improve our surroundings, the place where we live.