Virgin Land

The Alburni Mountains in Southern Italy

Rural countryside, pristine landscape

Isolated area: only 5 homes per ½ sq. mile

Untouched ruins of limestone rock all around

Silence broken only by the wind

Here, we can breathe

A lifestyle built around olive oil

We are heirs to a unique generation.

People who worked hard and lived simple, unrushed lives off the land and away from cities. Many lived past 100.

Extra-virgin olive oil nourished their lives.

Today, it is our responsibility to treasure that oil and its natural properties. A natural juice of the olive with nothing added, just robust taste, savory aroma, and intense character.

Every label represents a central character of the Alburni Mountains

Ventiolivi was born in the Alburni Mountains, a territory whose bio-diversity is unique, like nowhere else on earth. In fact, each label represents a distinctive element of this land, alive with our olive trees, growing and thriving.s born